About Alison Christiansen

Alison is a certified yoga teacher, reiki master, and clinical social worker.

My journey with mindfulness has been full of beautiful, blissful moments, raw, untethered moments, and everything in between. Above all else, mindfulness has enabled me to love and accept myself, treat myself with kindness, and create a fulfilling life supporting others in their journey of healing.

Alison and her mother sharing yoga

Alison and her mother sharing yoga

After being introduced to yoga as a teenager, I was drawn to Kripalu Yoga in particular when I was on a retreat with my mother. Its emphasis on self-compassion and self-inquiry intrigued me and excited my spiritual-seeker nature.

With Kripalu, I opened to the emotional and mental benefits of yoga, and my physical body became a vessel for the journey of transformation. Kripalu Yoga also introduced me to living in the present moment, which aided in anxiety and stress management. Not to mention it brought so much pure joy into my life!

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2012. In 2013, I earned my master’s degree in social work, and continue to practice as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). I am deeply passionate about integrating mindfulness-based modalities into clinical work with groups and individuals, specializing in addressing anxiety and trauma with adolescents and adults. I am fortunate to have offered this work in outpatient mental health agencies, substance-abuse facilities, and residential treatment centers in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and California.


Alison at Point Dume in Malibu

At age 26, a diagnosis of thyroid cancer became one of my biggest teachers. Physically and emotionally healing from this diagnosis has been a process; meditation, yoga, spirituality and community have been at the center. Coming face-to-face with my own immortality at an age when I felt invincible, I truly, deeply learned the value of self-compassion and daily gratitude.

Since then, it has been my mission to spread mindfulness to as many beings as I can and hold space for individuals in their healing. I have trained and earned certifications in a variety of additional healing modalities beyond social work so that I can offer a wealth of resources to those I serve.

I completed my certification as an Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga through the Integrative Yoga Therapy School in 2017 and my Reiki Master certification in 2017. I have found in particular the combination of offering reiki as a compliment to restorative yoga to be a deep and healing experience for many individuals, something I am committed to sharing.

I believe all beings are whole and complete exactly as they are; mindfulness brings me back to this time and time again, and I hope that the techniques and tools I offer can do the same for you.