Kripalu Yoga Classes

In Alison’s all-level and gentle Kripalu yoga classes, students have the opportunity to focus on building breath and body awareness and develop a practice of mindfulness.

Alison encourages students to trust their own intuition as they explore each asana with curiosity and compassion. Every time we step on the mat, we have an opportunity to learn something new, and these insights can be carried into our every day life. All levels are welcome!

Interested in Alison’s group online classes? Email Alison to sign-up at

Alison recently relocated from Ithaca, NY to Los Angeles, CA. Updates on yoga class offerings in Los Angeles coming soon!


“What I love about Alison’s yoga classes are her gentle voice and relaxed manner, the knowledge and passion she brings to these disciplines, the deep caring she conveys to each participant, and her creativity and thoughtfulness in finding fresh ways to provide yoga to a wide range of people. She encourages each person to find their own level of comfort and security within each session and each pose.”

— Leslie U.