Yoga Workshops

Aligning the Chakras: Cultivate Inner Peace and Harmony

Curious about the chakras or interested in expanding your knowledge or practice? Let’s take a deep dive together!

The primary chakras are 7 energy centers beginning at the base of the spine extending to the crown of the head. Each chakra is associated with unique qualities, and a depletion or excess of energy in any of these centers can lead to an imbalance that may manifest in different physical, emotional or mental ailments. Chakra practices aim to encourage and restore energetic balance so that your prana (or life force) can flow freely within, allowing you to feel fully present in your life and connected to your purpose.

Join Alison over the next 7 months to explore the chakras and harness this energy for your self-healing. Each month, we’ll delve deep into one of the chakras through yoga, breath work, mudras, meditations, journaling prompts and more!

When: The last Sunday of every month (except December) 6-7:30 pm EST / 3-4:30 pm PST
Where: Virtual!
Cost: $20 (option to slide up to $30 if finances are flowing, or slide down to $10 if finances are a barrier)

August 30th: Root Chakra: I Am Safe and Supported
Cultivate grounding, safety and stability within.

September 27th: Sacral Chakra: I Flow with the Rhythms of Life
Encourage emotional balance and restored creativity.

October 25th: Solar Plexus Chakra: I Stand In My Personal Power
Connect to inner power and drive to ignite transformation.

November 29th: Heart Chakra: I Deeply Accept Myself
Explore the joy of open hearted self-compassion.

December 13th: Throat Chakra: I Follow and Speak My Truth
Tap into inner truth and authentic self-expression.

January 31st: Third Eye Chakra: I Honor My Intuition
Deepen inner peace through connection with your inherent wisdom.

February 28th: Crown Chakra: I Am Whole And Complete Exactly As I AM
Come home to wholeness and the connection of all beings.