Radiant Compassion

Yoga and wellness classes in Los Angeles, CA

People who incorporate mindfulness into daily life often describe how being in the present moment increases their connection to their sense of being. By developing a relationship with the self, a person can start to move through life from an authentic place, making choices that align with one’s morals, values, and passions.

Alison believes that this practice of being true to oneself and honoring one’s inner authenticity elicits a true quality of radiance. Fostering a kind, compassionate relationship with yourself overflows into a radiant life — a life connected to your purpose and filled with love for others. Interested in your own journey of radiant compassion? Alison is passionate about supporting your process.

From the moment you walk into the studio, you feel Alison’s warm welcome. She continues to make you feel comfortable throughout her class which moves effortlessly, much like gently flowing water. She inspires you to feel calmer and better about yourself while keeping the focus on the moment.

Anne C.

In the workshops I’ve attended, I’ve appreciated Alison’s calming and caring presence. She always encourages us to set an intention for our practice and highlights the importance of self-compassion and self-love in our practice. I feel like Alison is invested in my own spiritual growth.

Ania G.